music magazines accepting submissions

Our magazine is designed and curated to publish and promote stories of human struggle and personal experience in an accessible medium. If your submission in any category is accepted, you will be asked to send a short 3 or 5 sentence bioincluding a link to your website if you so choose, and a bio photograph.

It may take up to 90 days to accept or decline submissions. Please see below for more thorough guidelines.

We accept only work that has not been previously published. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, provided that you inform us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. We always appreciate the opportunity the view your work, but are unable to provide feedback on all submissions. Nonfiction : We accept submissions of Personal Essays, Formal Essays, and Articles that explore the personal, the political, and intersections between the two.

Essays and articles should not exceed 4, words. Send Nonfiction submissions to Jessica at prose nailedmagazine. Send Fiction submissions to Jessica at prose nailedmagazine. Poetry : Poetry submissions should be sent in an attachment. If your poems are accepted, they will be published in suites of 4 or 5 poems each.

If fewer than 4 of your poems are desired for publication, you may be asked to submit additional material until 4 or 5 are accepted. Send Poetry submissions to Sam at sam nailedmagazine. Photo Essay and Gallery submissions should feature a well-defined theme and must include 12 images or more.

Learn more about the cover image on this page by photographer Kwesi Abbensetts. Nailed Magazine. Twitter Facebook. Poetry Suite by Jeanann Verlee Me, a rusted hammer. How much beautiful must I kill? The Cigarettes by D. Foy "He only wanted to know he was alone.

Poetry Suite by Yoshika Wason "how do I stop being so yesnoyes? Artist Feature: Shannon Christie "An echo of connection that goes beyond language.

All rights reserved. All content used with permission.NewPages Classifieds — Calls for Submissions — Calls for writing, art, book-length manuscripts, photography, and more from magazines, publishers, writing conferences and events, writing programs, etc. Adanna Literary Journal is a women focused print publication. We are seeking essay, poetry, and creative nonfiction that speaks towards the experience of mothering in a time of crisis—caring for children, especially those with children in college returning from affected areas, those with younger children exposed to media and the anxiety of school shut-downs, as well as women who are caring for elderly relatives or those in the medical profession.

To submit, please go to adannajournal. Submit by May 15 to the inaugural issue of Pensivean interfaith global journal based at Northeastern University in Boston. Original poetry, prose, visual art, film, music, and translations welcome. Especially interested in work that deepens the inward life; envisions a more just, peaceful, sustainable world; and advances dialogue across differences.

Submissions by global and historically underrepresented groups particularly encouraged. Submit up to 5 pieces; simultaneous submissions and previously published works welcome. Email Alexander Levering Kern, co-editor, with questions. Light and Dark is seeking your best short stories for our fifteenth online issue! We are particularly interested in stories that deal in some way with the dichotomous nature of existence.

Submit Your Music

Please send us nothing longer than 3, words. All stories will be published on our website: www. We look forward to reading your best work: lightanddark. Are you enjoying an empty nest, or starting a second career, or maybe winding down a first one? Whatever it may be, share your post-age 60 stories with our readers!

Established inThe Awakenings Review is an annual lit mag committed to publishing poetry, short story, nonfiction, photography, and art by writers, poets and artists who have a relationship with mental illness: either self, family member, or friend.

Our striking hardcopy publication is one of the nation's leading journals of this genre. Creative endeavors and mental illness have long had a close association. Visit www. Jay Lit Review call for critiques, commentary, research, essays, and translations.

Topics: African youths, youth culture and literature; reflections on teaching African languages; multilingualism in Africa, linguistics, related subjects. Educators, academics and translators invited to showcase knowledge and skills in their professional field. Postgrad essays on a variety of African youth concerns will be considered. Double-blind peer review. Visit africanyouthliterature. Journal of African Youth Literature issue 2 call for submissions of creative writing and artworks open now.

Poetry, fiction, visual stories, plays, essays. Artworks of all kinds, including front cover. Includes the diaspora, and not related to race or colour. See issue 1 at bit. Feeling quarantined and alone? Come connect with us! We are an annual online lit mag looking to publish beautiful works of micro-fiction, short poems, and flash nonfiction for issue iii. We are especially interested in works grappling with the challenges of our current times.

Navigate to our website, www. We appreciate stories in every genre we publish.

All issues free online which illustrates what we have liked, but we are always ready to be surprised by the new! Parhelion is accepting short story, flash, creative nonfiction, and poetry submissions for the Summer issue.Getting your music heard is hard. Getting your music heard by the right people is even harder. This is why we have set up this blog post, containing info and links to all the influential sites and blogs who not only accept these emails but welcome them.

Never under any circumstances send a group email. It may save you time, but putting all these addresses into a BCC field and firing over a group email would burn more bridges than it would build.

Spend some time looking at each site individually, see what sort of music they are into and try to relate. Find them on Twitter, look at their recent articles, and try and find common ground between them and your music. The site also acts as a hub for a growing community of people that love to share and talk about music. The site commisions around 15 album reviews a week from submissions by unsigned artists.

Support what you like. It's pretty simple, really. The website also accepts submissions from unsigned artists looking to promote their music. The site also accepts submission from unsigned band and artists. The site accepts music submissions from all types of bands and artists. You can also upload your own videos for the site moderators to consider for promotion.

If anyone has any more suggestions, feel free to post in the comment section below! Anyone can submit their music for the chance to be included on our fast-growing Spotify playlists. Below is a list of blogs that are accepting submissions.

Good luck!The following is a list of 65 magazines in a wide variety of topics. All of the magazines accept submissions from freelance writers. It currently has publishers listed, in a wide variety of markets, and includes payment information for each of the publishers. If you have a passion for, or experience in, the fields of health and wellness, you should be writing about it.

music magazines accepting submissions

There is a definite market for health, exercise, meditation, and other forms of wellness. This mix of lesser-known and big-ticket publications will help get your creative juices flowing. As we grow more aware of global environmental concerns, ecotourism is becoming an increasingly important option for consumers.

If you have a passion for eco-friendly travel, here are a few places you can write for, in addition to traditional publications. No matter what kind of family you have, there are all sorts of publications who want to hear about your parenting experience! You may have a unique, important point of view that other parents find helpful, encouraging, or just downright hilarious. Check out this list for 10 more paid writing opportunities for parents.

Do you have a passion for music? Wading into the sea of music journalism can be daunting. The good news is there are so many avenues for music writing from pop-commentary websites to magazines featuring niche or obscure genres. The following is a list of 7 feminist magazines that pay writers.

All of them accept submissions from freelance writers. Payment rates vary, depending on the magazine. Some of them will need to be negotiated directly with the publisher.

Sign up and we'll send you 3 companies hiring writers now. Plus, we'll send more companies as we find and review them. All in our free email magazine. We're dedicated to helping freelance writers succeed. We send you reviews of freelance writing companies, assignments, and articles to help build your writing career. You can view our privacy policy here, and our disclaimer. To get started, simply enter your email address in the form on this page. Freedom With Writing.

We send you writing jobs.Do you have a passion for music?

music magazines accepting submissions

Wading into the sea of music journalism can be daunting. The good news is there are so many avenues for music writing from pop-commentary websites to magazines featuring niche or obscure genres. The iconic magazine manages breaking news in music, reviews, and interviews with famous and emerging artists. Content must be relevant, interesting, and exceptional journalistic quality. To submit a pitch, email rseditors rollingstone.

The current editor is Jann Wenner, so you can always try jann. A leading arts and pop-culture publication, Paste looks for fresh, creative ideas for feature articles, essays, trend stories, and reviews.

Check out their handy writers guidelines for more information, and their list of editorial contacts for who to email your submission to.

music magazines accepting submissions

M takes an inside look at the music industry, profiling and interviewing artists from a range of genres. Submit pitches to Rick Taylor at Rick Mmusicmag. Learn more about them at their website. Are you a drumming enthusiast? Short pieces can range between and 1, words, while a cover story may be as long as 4, words.

Address your query to Editor-in-Chief Andy Doerschuk at andy drumlink. Payment varies on a case-by-case basis. Send pitches to submit wired. Relix is a magazine with a strong focus on live music.

They cover music festivals, interview bands, and review albums and shows. Payment varies. Their list of editors and their contact info is here. Pitchfork is a well-regarded music criticism publication with a slightly academic voice.

His email, by the way, is markr pitchfork. Stories of Music publishes volumes of personal essays, poetry, and literary journalism with music as the subject. Check here for submission details for Volume 3 coming up this year.

Symphony magazine features news, essays, and in-depth articles related to all the latest happenings in the orchestra world.Solis Magazine is now accepting music MP3 and video submission from various artists, Genres and bands from all over the world. While we know the difficulties of getting your work recognized or published by producers or recording label, we are here to help you build and find your audiences. We want to change the world of music one song at a time. All mp3 format files will be showcased with special graphics on our website and our social media network including our major youtube channel Solis Entertainment.

Low resolution with bad quality and audio will be rejected by our production team and will not be viewed. Music Reviews: If you have new music you wish to submit for reviewing we have top quality music bloggers who have worked in the industry for a number of years and they will write a comprehensive honest review on your work. We will also rate the album using our 5 star rating meaning 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest and a must listen for our audience. If you have a specific album already published and your using an outside source such as Soundcloud.

Music Articles: Solis magazine will also be publishing music article from all genres, and we will also be covering main stream content and news as well. All mp3 files and Video Files can be sent via dropbox or wetransfer. Also please provided your social media names on Facebook,twitter,Instagram and other various networks. Solis Magazine may use artist material for promotional basis only to promote the artists that have submitted their music to solis magazine. Post Title.

Video url. Post Description. Music Live is a brand new theme created to showcase the growing musical talent from all over the world. Starting Nov 19th, we will be showcasing a live stream every Saturday for 30 minutes. Email this information to Info solismagazine. Talents scouts and producers will be watching the live stream. Your live stream will always be showcased on our Youtube channel and website. All music must be clean, professional and artistic.

No offensive language or profanity will be allowed. Home Music Submissions. Share this video.We will happily take a look at your submission. But do understand that Magnetic content is based on our personal selection. We choose the talent being featured. Your chances will greatly increase if you bring a fresh perspective to your pitch.

Please submit all proposals as a Word doc to our editor via email info at magneticmag dot com. Magnetic was created to document it. Please let our publisher know why you think exchanging links would be a good idea. Just send him an email. For branding and advertising initiatives, please email our publisher directly.

Music Submissions

Indeed we do. We are very open to new creative collaborations from across the globe. Please get in touch with our publisher with all the details and how you feel we can work best together. First, thank you very much.

The simple fact that you took the time to reach out for this reason means a lot. Did you have something particular in mind?

We could always send you some stickers. The only positions currently available are internships. Questions you should ask yourself before hitting send: Do I have drive, motivation and passion for electronic music and the surrounding culture?

Do I love creative things and creative people?

9 Niche Music Publications and How to Get Featured on Them

Am I knowledgeable about upcoming trends, styles and music? Do I love to write? Do I have a command of the English language? Am I interested in a relationship or am I just looking for a one-night stand? Still interested? Sweet, tell us a few words about yourself, your goals, things you like, what motivates you and send us also some examples.

Music Review. Hip Hop. Indie Rock.

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