No one is entirely sure why serial cheaters do what they do. Some are physically incapable of monogamy, other cheaters are just so much better at sharing their time and affection than everyone else. Still others just love love too much. However, it's also possible that cheaters flit about just for the wild stories. Given all of the Reddit stories about outrageous cheaters, it's highly likely those who practice infidelity do so to make a splash.

Why else would you buy Valentine's lingerie for your spouse and your person on the side from the same store? My sister works in a lingerie boutique and a man came in for Valentine's Day and bought two beautiful ensembles.

He asked for them to be packed separately with two Valentines cards. One was for his wife and the other for his mistress. Someone I know is getting a divorce because her husband is having an affair with his much-younger cousin.

I had a former coworker find out his wife was filming a lot of grown-up entertainment and being paid next to nothing after being married for a few years. He found out when he found one of her DVDs hidden in the house. He assumed it was a gift for his birthday in two weeks and watched it when she wasn't around.

When he confronted her, her only reply was she was doing it for him. He imploded after that and needed counseling for a few months after the divorce was finalized. My girlfriend of five-and-a-half years cheated on me while I was asleep in the next room in our bed. I found out the next day. I remember her coming in to kiss me at some point in the night. I never had the stones to ask whether it was before or after. At first, my sister thought he joked but the outfits were not the same size.

He Cheated With His Cousin.You know what would be awesome? But I couldn't get her stunning beauty out of my head so, on a whim, I posted a Missed Connection on Craigslist. As fate would have it, she saw my listing, called me, and on our first date we were so smitten with each other that we decided to spend the rest of our lives together.

That was yesterday and we have no doubts about our love whatsoever! In the New York Times ' Modern Love columnRosemary Counter writes that she used to pass free time drankin' wine and scrolling through the Craigslist Missed Connections section, as you do. But then! Her friend sent her a listing that obviously described her. I didn't say hi because you were dancing with your friends," the Missed Connection read. She immediately responded to the guy because what are the chances, right?!

After emailing for a bit she sent him a photo, to which the mystery man responded, "It's you! I can't believe it's really you! My heart's a-flutter! She agreed to a date and was charmed by his wit and self-deprecating sense of humor. And the chivalry. Oh, the chivalry:. On our first date, he drove all the way downtown to pick me up for an early dinner.

It was his pleasure, he explained, as he was dropping his brother off at the airport anyway. I just need the right girl. Like any classic whirlwind romance, they fell hard and were inseparable for a week. He bought her presents. They ran errands together. They dined three meals a day. Her friends worried about how deep she'd gotten so quickly.Welcome to cheating and affair stories. On this page you are going to find a collection of infidelity stories shared by real people like me and you.

You will find cheating wife stories, stories about the sneaky husband all the way to the stories about the boyfriend and his lap dances. Cheating and infidelity has been taboo for years, and it use to be a subject that wasn't openly discussed. The reality is that concealing your pain from the world will make it worse in many cases. If you were cheated on, it is not a reflection of you and there is absolutely nothing that you should be ashamed of.

When you are confronted by infidelity, the world begins to shrink and you can find yourself isolated, alone, and you may even feel abandoned. You do not have to face this challenge alone.

You will read many cheating and affair stories below that will put things in perspective for you. My goal here on this site is to give you an ounce of hope, a dab of inspiration, and a pinch of positivity.

If I succeed, I know just like that you will be back on your saddles and ready to find happiness again. This is the place for all your stories so please use the form below. Your story may be the one that helps someone else.

Cheating and Affair Stories

No one to turn to, Really Need Help. I was bored in marriage and in life. My Husband Cheated - I am devastated. Why do men cheat on women that LOVE them. Have a personal cheating or affair story? Share it with our readers! Everyone is invited to join in, it's free, and most of all it may help someone going through a tough time.

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People Describe the Moment They Caught Their SO's Cheating

Click the button and find the first one on your computer. Select it and click on the button to choose it. Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images.

worst cheating stories

Click here to upload more images optional. Your Name. Your Location.Tips and Tricks Charlotte Rivers. A person cheats on their partner, gets caught in the act, and they break up. However, every story of when a person gets caught cheating is unique. They range from generic to absolutely insane. Came home early from visiting a buddy so I could surprise my gf, I was the one that got the surprise. Found her and a dude asleep in my bed…calmly walked up to the side of the bed, gently woke her up and asked if she wanted pancakes.

Does he like pancakes? My mom came home to our old farm property to find my ex step-dad porking his girlfriend in the front yard. On their 35th wedding anniversary. She called the cops and had them both removed.

I grabbed a guitar, sat on the edge of the bed, and played a really bad country song that I made up on the spot. She was yelling at me. He had the cover over his head probably wondering if I was going to hit him over the head with the guitar. He gave me all his passwords when we first moved in. So I guess I was like his secretary.

Anyway once he was away on business, and I decided to check his email. Found all kinds of craigslist hookup replies. He was trying to hook up with someone while he was out of town. What a winner. I came over to surprise her, I walked in on her naked taking selfies on her phone. She tried to play it off that it was me she was sending them to. Which I believed at the time. She put her phone on the nightstand, we started messing around.

About an hour later she fell asleep and I picked up her iphone to go plug it into the charger. Anywho, so I did what any guy would rationally do.The ability to love and be loved is arguably one of the best parts of being human. However, with great perks, come great responsibilities. For some people, monogamy just isn't their thing which is totally cool, as long as their partner is aware of it and has agreed to being in an open relationship.

For those unfortunate people who fall victim to cheating loversthe heartbreak and sadness can render them helpless. The only way their situation could get any worse is if they caught their partner in the act. That's exactly what happened to these poor souls.

Betrayed lovers took to Reddit to talk about what it was like when they caught their significant other with another lover. Their stories may give you some trust issues of your own! Naturally, I assumed she would be more than excited to see me walk in the door a week early. I p ulled up to the house and figured she was home because her car was there, so I was as quiet as possible.

Even parked my car down the street a little so she didn't see me pull up and ruin the surprise. I quietly put the key in the lock and slowly twisted I thought maybe she got picked up by some friends and went out somewhere. Oh well, even better! I'll set up our room by going to get some flowers and making everything look all romantic and irresistible hey it's been a few months, I was a bit pent up at that point. I start walking towards the bedroom, and I hear this rhythmic squeaking noise followed by a deep grunt.

People Share The Worst Cheating Stories They've Heard! (r/AskReddit)

I recognized that sound pretty well, and knew what was happening. I walked towards the room very quietly while they went at it Luckily the door was halfway open so I got down and started crawling towards the bed out of their line of sight, slithered over to the edge of the bed they were closest to and started slowly inching my head up the side until just my eyes were above the edge. It took her a good minute she was on the bottom before she looked over and saw angry eyes staring at her.

She finally realized who it was and started bawling her eyes out saying 'i'm so sorry! I was lonely! I started laughing hysterically and all I said was 'Well dude, she's your problem now.

Hope you don't mind herpes'. Walked out and blocked her from my life. Only to go on and date someone else who made my life miserable for the next 12 years. I really know how to pick 'em.

I got out of work around midnight, and gave her a call to see how things were going. I can immediately tell that she's hammered, which wasn't a problem. She said she had just gotten home she lived two doors down from where the party was but then I heard a guy's voice in the background.

I don't think so. So I rushed over to her house and walked in.Because how long until you're immune to that ointment your doctor recommended?

I wanted to plan a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend who I had been dating for a year. I asked his friend if he would help me with the planning and he gives me this weird look and says, "Yes, I'll help you but I think he has other plans with his girlfriend.

I'm a Disney employee. He had asked me to get him Disney tickets so he could "take his little sister for her birthday. Guess who saw me and ran for it during my shift? Happiest place on Earth my ass. We were high school sweethearts that went off to different colleges. He came to visit me one weekend, and forgot to logout of Facebook on my computer before he left.

I accidently stumbled upon his inbox and found explicit messages from a girl from his school. The messages included, "When are you going to break up with her? My favorite line from her that I'll never forget: "Is your cum thick baby? The credit card he ordered for his girlfriend came to my house. A month later, a brand new Amex shows up in the mail, addressed to another woman. I was thinking that the mailman put something in my box for someone else, but nope, it was my address, and her name.

Of course he denied denied denied and said, "If I wanted to add someone to my account, why would I have the card come to OUR house? So being the amazing detective that I am cause I grew up in the generation of Scooby-Doo and Inspector GadgetI got into his Amex account and saw that he not only added her to his account, but he was spending a tremendous amount of money wooing her. He even took her "home" to meet his family last Thanksgiving.

I saw the airline tickets he purchased when I was in his account. Oh and he took her to Vegas too Soooo I filed a missing spouse divorce. He had no idea I filed, and he had no idea we were divorced until I scanned the divorce decree and sent it to his work email address.

And would you guys believe he had the nerve to say "I can't believe you divorced me? When I was a freshman in college, I was unexpectedly dumped by my older, townie boyfriend.Cheating while in a romantic relationship is an unfortunate reality many people will face in their lifetime.

With the recent AshleyMadison. Some of us think "my partner would NEVER do that," while others are forced to consider their partner might not be faithful. Sometimes the way people find out they're being cheated on with is rather benign compared to how hurtful the act is. And, of course, those make for the best stories. Here are 15 wild cheating stories from real people that will blow your mind.

This poor girlfriend wanted to do something nice for her boyfriend on his birthday, but the problem is, his other girlfriend already had plans for him. She planned a surprise birthday for her boyfriend of one year, and when she asked his best friend to help plan it, he told her that her boyfriend already had plans - with his girlfriend who wasn't her.

Naturally, she stared at her "boyfriend's" friend in disbelief, and he told her he assumed they had broken up since he had a new girlfriend. Then, her husband had the nerve to wonder why she left him! When her husband ordered a credit card for his mistress, he had the poor sense to have it sent to their house. Even worse, she looked into the credit card statements and found out her husband had been spending copious amounts of money on his girlfriend.

He had taken her to meet his family and even took her on a luxurious Vegas trip. The husband, of course, denied, denied, denied, any wrongdoing. The wife knew better though, and divorced him immediately!

People Share The Craziest Cheating Stories They've Ever Heard

But what happens if your best friend is in on it, too? One couple who was together for five years, and recently engaged, seemed to be in a great place. That's got to hurt! The invention of Facebook and other social media platforms have opened up a lot of doors for people looking to get answers about the people they love.

worst cheating stories

Just wait until you hear what this clever girlfriend did. She had a feeling her boyfriend was being dishonest about something, so she snapped a cute picture of the two of them and made it her profile picture. Next, she tagged him in it, and before long she received messages from a girl saying that was her boyfriend of a year.

The girls teamed up and called the cheater out, then they made him pay for them both to get tested! A photographic memory will come in handy often, but no more so than when you only have a few seconds to see a phone number. Unfortunately for this cheating husband, his wife's memory helped her figure out what he had been up to. She saw a text to her husband from a random number asking what he was doing that night.

Thanks to her photographic memory, she was able to Google the number.

worst cheating stories

She found out the text was from an escort service. A little more snooping only led to more bad news: her husband had been cheating during their whole marriage with multiple women!

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